Avalanche+ is a free open-source game for the Nokia N-Gage.


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Avalanche+ is a clone based on the original puzzle game Puyo Puyo and Kirbys Avalanche.
It was produced in late 2003 and was targeted for the Nokia N-Gage. The game was produced by 4 students during a 160h course in Gaming Studies at gsCEPT.  

  • Colourful and fast graphics (30 fps)

  • 4 different game modes: Practice, Survival, Demo and Network

  • AI with 5 levels of difficulty

  • Network play using Bluetooth

  • Highscore list

  • Sound effects
Compatibility with other Nokia Series 60 mobiles:

The game Avalanche is fully compatible with the Nokia N-Gage. However the game will probably run on any Series 60 mobile phone. These include the Nokia 3600, 3620, 3650, 3660, 6600, 6620, 7610, 7650 and the N-Gage. The game has so far only been tested on the N-Gage and the Nokia 6600.

The difference between the N-Gage version and the version for the other Series 60 phones, besides the choice of sound playback which you can choose depending on what works best for your phone (AMR should work for any type), is that the controls are different for the other Series 60 phones. (See the included Readme.txt for more information). There is also a minor bug fix.  
Known issues:

  • Problem: The sound does not work sometimes or not at all:
    For other Series 60 phones download the AMR version first. If that doesn't work try the WB-AMR version. Also the sound effects play better with a headset regardless which Series 60 phone you are using. The version for the other Series 60 phones besides the N-Gage sometimes doesn't play the voice sound effects. Feel free to download the source code and see if you can find a solution to these problems. The sound does after all work best on the N-Gage and together with a headset.


    Game design and graphics:
    Archaon (Conny Andersson)

    Mogwai (Fredrik Mäkeläinen)
    Gymdis (Christopher Bergqvist)
    Master Tonberry (Mikael Lagré)

    Master Tonberry

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